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Reading Promotions & Contests

Accelerated Reader:        

Grades 1-8

10 Point Club- Receive a Pirate Tatoo.

25 Point Club- Select a prize from the Treasure Chest.

50 Point Club- Check out 2 books from the library instead of one.

75 Point Club- Receive a Gold Coin Token for free ice cream for the remainder of the year.

100 Point Club- Invitation to the ARRRR.. Party at the end of the year!

Battle of the Books

Grade 4 (Children's Sequoyah Books)

1 Book- Journal & pen

3 Books- Eraser

6 Books-

9 Books- Popcorn in class

12 Books- Bag of Chocolate Gold Coins

13-15 Books- For each book over twelve, student's name is entered in a drawing for an "treasure."

"Battle of the Books" competition will be held in April!!!

Fairy Tale Bowl

Second graders, get ready for the Fairy Tale Bowl in Apri!