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Reading Promotions & Contests

Accelerated Reader:

Grades 1-8

10 Point Club- Receive a Bookmark, Pen and Green Library Card Star

25 Point Club- Receive a prize and Blue Library Card Star

50 Point Club- Get to check out 2 books from the library instead of one and Two-Book Card Sticker

75 Point Club- Token for free ice cream for the remainder of the year and Silver Library Card Star

100 Point Club- Invitation to the AR Party at the end of the year and Gold Library Card Star

Battle of the Books

Grade 4 (Children's Sequoyah Books)

1 Book- Journal & pen

4 Books- "Star Reader" bracelet

7 Books- Popcorn in class

10 Books- Special Prize

11-15 Books- For each book over ten, student's name is entered in a drawing for an "Out-of-this-World" prize basket.

"Battle of the Books" competition will be held in April!!!

Fairy Tale Bowl

Second graders, get ready for the Fairy Tale Bowl in February!  Right after Winter Break, we'll begin reading and reviewing fairy tales for the competition.